Essentials you need

Good list. I used to carried all of those or something like them when I hiked a lot.
I carry a Microstream in my pocket every day. Its a small, but very good light.
Two things I believe a person should carry on them at all times. A pocket knife and a lighter. With these two most basic of tools and a bit of common sense, you can survive most anything. ;)
When woods wandering I carry and use tarred decoy cord more than paracord. It's lighter thinner yet strong, more weather resistant and holds knots much better.

I always have numerous methods of fire, compass, knife, spare socks, a hat and gloves.
I have a day pack that's always loaded and hanging in the mud room with essentials. That includes the above, plus some basic 1st aid/TQ, a headlamp, warm hat/gloves, signal mirror, glo-sticks and a few other things.

For day to day EDC it's always a knife, a SAK or small multitool, pen, flashlight, watch. And a firearm, of course. 😉
Depending on what part of the country you are hiking, bear spray should be in your daypack. Also packing a 357 magnum isn't a bad idea either.
I had to replace my Rain Jacket today so I decided to empty my Get Home Bag, evaluate what's in it and repack it.


On the right is my USGI Patrol Bag with A Cabela's Windshear Pullover Fleece and a Baklava.

On the Left top to bottom and Left to Right is the pack. a Camelback H.A.W.G

the pack is a Camelback H.A.W.G
Screenshot_20230731_191028_Samsung Internet.jpg


First row Ice cleats. Because that can be a year-round thing in Colorado.
A fire kit in a canteen cup. Including a can of Sterno, matches and a Ferro rod.

Second row left to right a topo map of the area I'm most likely to be in and a Silva Explorer compass. A USGI Bible, a repair kit and a boo boo kit.

Next row left to right a Mill Bank bag, a Sawyer Mini, a little Micro towel to make the universe a nicer place and three granola bars because my wife doesn't want me to go into the woods without food. Behind the towel although you can't see it is an SAK Trekker.

The next row down is a Gerber Strongarm and sheath a Work Sharp Field sharpener and two complete sets of batteries for the head lamp and a pair of gloves.

The next row is my poop kit and a box of spare ammunition and two magazines and a Mag carrier

And the last row is my rain gear and an 8x10 tarp and a little emergency poncho I can use for a ground cloth.


A better picture of the Gerber, The Worksharp, the Ferro Rod and the map and compass.


Ice cleats and Bear Spray.

And all of it packed up.

it all weighs 30 ponds


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