Everything You Need to Know About the M1 Garand

Great article!
My New York Army National Guard unit had the M1 Garand up until 1972, thus having qualified with it for two years.
I remember Woolworth’s sporting goods section selling the Garand for $124.95 in the late seventies in upstate New York!
My father John Guarco, 6th Army, Philippines, World War II, and my neighbor Bill Payzant, USMC, Guadalcanal/Japan Occupation, were reintroduced to the Garand in 1996 at my local club; I fondly remember each of them performing a function check with the biggest smile with fond memories and some not so fond memories!
God Bless America.


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How about: they are surprisingly accurate? I love my M1. It shoots better than any AR I have aside from the Varminter.