Everything You Need to Know About the M1 Garand

Great article!
My New York Army National Guard unit had the M1 Garand up until 1972, thus having qualified with it for two years.
I remember Woolworth’s sporting goods section selling the Garand for $124.95 in the late seventies in upstate New York!
My father John Guarco, 6th Army, Philippines, World War II, and my neighbor Bill Payzant, USMC, Guadalcanal/Japan Occupation, were reintroduced to the Garand in 1996 at my local club; I fondly remember each of them performing a function check with the biggest smile with fond memories and some not so fond memories!
God Bless America.
How about: they are surprisingly accurate? I love my M1. It shoots better than any AR I have aside from the Varminter.
My dad carried a M1 Garand as a staff Sargent in the South Pacific. He was advanced to a second leutinent and given a 45 ACP Colt 1911 hand gun and a M1 carbine. He called the M1 carbine a “ pea shooter”! He said he would rather use the Colt 1911 as club to bash in skulls rather than use it as a fired weapon. He saw 4&1/2 years of service in the US Army from 12/41 until 09/1945 discharged! He passed in 1987. He loved the M1 1 Garand!
I put 80 rounds through my M1 today...pleasure to shoot (although my AR is WAY more accurate out to 100 yards....that's due to superior optics...not me or the rifles). Kind of a pain to thoroughly clean though (although better than an M1A for sure). The M1 and (oddly) AK-47 are my favorite 2 rifles to fire...
I was first introduced to the M1 Garand in High School ROTC around 1969. These were our drill rifles at that time. Ours didn't have firing pins and couldn't shoot, But I still fell in love with it. It would be some years later until I actually put a round through one. Just made me love it even more. ;)
I now have two of 'em. 😁
Top: May 1942 Springfield Armory CMP
Bottom: 1955 Harrington & Richardson
They always make range day special. ;)