Everytown for Gun Safety is Big Mad


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I sho ld have stated , this isn't a desk style . It is a folding style that yo can take with you . It will be relaced soon with the desk to style. :mad: stu id thing.
If it's a laptop, you should be able to add a USB keyboard to it, you'll just have two erh, one and a half keyboards to work with, that's all. But whatever works (I have 3 desktops and two laptops and numerous spare key boards/mice going to wireless or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combos).

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government is saying this week will be defining in how the fight is going against the pandemic.

I was reading an article earlier that said today's "new" cases are actually post-peak due to the 14 day latency period between actually catching the disease, and showing symptoms.

Today's "peak" (symptoms) is actually 2-week-old data for actual, new cases. They are saying we are past the peak of actual new cases.

Some interesting data here:

I do agree, though, that releasing prisoners ("oh, it's only work-release prisoners...") is going to cause more potential problems than anything else. More criminals free, + fewer LEOs on-duty, + those who are on-duty have "do not engage" restrictions, = more people wanting to protect themselves. And, potentially NEEDING to protect themselves.

I am SO glad I don't live in an urban area. More now than ever.
"Thank God I'm a country boy".


Went back today to SPB to check out their ammunition delivery. No bulk but picked up some 150 grain 300 BO
And two boxes of Federal 45ACP.