Firearm for wheelchair person

Tactical , you are much more patient than I am. Even though the security guy seemed nice enough , he continued with his ( alternative ) ideas. About the 3rd time he said that I would have firmly said , " I am not going to consider any cane but this one!" " If the hospital doesn't like that then they can ban me and I will seek other avenues. "

I know you did say very similar but I wouldn't have remained as nice as yo did. My hat's off to you sir.

It must have been a snowflake that complained. It really makes me glad that I am toward the end of my life cycle on this Earth and don't have to live through another 60 or 70 years of this kind of :poop:.

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This is how it would look. It was designed for people sitting in tanks
Randy have you considered a revolver? Do not have to worry about racking the slide. Only drawback is you are limited to 5, 6 or 7 rounds unless you could operate speed loaders.
Good point Susquash. To get around the limited rounds, you could always carry two revolvers. One on the wheelchair, one on the body. If you get two that hold 7 rounds (like the Charter Arms that USCCA has been hawking in the link below, as an example (I'm an Elite member and get several recommendations from them)), you'd get 14 rounds before needing to reload. That's close to the 15 rounds a lot of pistols hold.
One interesting note: I was at my Local Gun Shop yesterday (yes I added 2 more pistols to my collection :sneaky:), they let me try the S&W 9mm EZ they had, and one that was on my "interested" list. To be honest, the racking was about the same as my S&W 2.0 9mm (hasn't been fired yet). It was fairly easy to rack, but, like I said, I didn't find it any easier than the 2.0 9mm. Take it for what it's worth, but I would say someone interested should still try it out themselves if interested & not just take my word on it. We all roll differently ;)