First Look: New Model 2020 Rimfire Target Color Variants

A three shot, 0.8" group at 50 yards is barely mediocre - for a rifle billed as a "target" model it's terrible. At this point we don't know the culprit - rifle, ammo, or shooter. (Remington Target isn't particularly noteworthy.) A good rifle with really good ammo like top line Eley or Lapua ought to group five shots consistently within 0.5" and really good rifles (Anschutz, some custom 10/22s) should be at 0.25" . . . or at least pretty close to it. Over at Rimfire Central they actually have a forum for people to post 10/22 groups (including four group aggregates) with five shots under a half inch - and the top ten or so places on the leaderboard have aggregates under a quarter inch. The shooters probably sank more money into those guns than the price of the current subject rifle - but the accuracy IS there. I'd like to see a retest of these rifles with genuine match grade ammo.
My son and I purchased 2020s in March of this year. So far, 50 yard accuracy has been inconsistent. Many good groups are ruined with a flyer. We've tested probably 12 different brands of ammunition to date to include a number of Eley options and consistent accuracy is an illusion. Surprisingly, CCI SV has shown the best accuracy but still not a consistent inch at 50 yards. It's a fun rifle for informal target shooting but can't compete with any match rifle. I have a friend who is an avid ARA match shooter and uses a CZ with Leupold optics and he says the 2020 doesn't have the accuracy to compete.
The absolute worst 22 “target” rifle I own. I bought the grade A model. I’ve tried Wold Match, Eley and Winchester T22. I can’t get under and inch and a half at 50 yards. I have 10/22’s that shoot .50 inch groups at 50 yards with Winchester bulk ammo.
I spoke with a rep at the Springfield booth in Dallas at the nra convention. He said try SK Match. If that doesn’t shoot he would send me a return label for them to inspect the rifle and make it right.
Trust me, I’m sick to think I spent that kind of money and have to have special ammo for what I was going to use as my everyday play rimfire.