For all you feral hog hunters/trappers!


Master Class
OK, try this one:

I think it works. C/P the link into an address bar, then click on the screen/video to run it. At least it works for me doing that. (y)(y)(y)

And in answer to someone above who asked what to do with them, I'll add this........ For many years I hunted an area of a major ranch with lots of them. This particular ranch placed many old bath tubs out in pastures and filled them with surplus molasses to fatten cattle for sale in the spring. Many times I've watched the pigs trying so hard to reach the molases in those tubs, they would often reach a little too far and actually fall in the tub.

They would usually raise holy hell squealling and scrambling trying to get out for awhile, then they'd quieten down and go to eating the molasses for a bit. Eventually (most of the time) they'd find a way to get back out of the tub and what a mess they'd be all covered with that nasty, sticky molasses and dirt.

On occasions we would take a couple of them, usually shoats or an old barren sow for a camp cook out. They cleaned up really well and tasted much like maple cured bacon. Or on other occasions, we'd catch a few up live with our dogs, bring them in in our air boats and pen them up to grain feed them for a few weeks. This also made for some pretty good eating pork.

Then we also have what we call 'piney woods rooters' where they live pretty much in the pine and palmetto woods of the area. Not much for them to eat there except the grubs and carrion they find there. Not so much good eating with these.
Wow! What a video. I've never seen a wild hog in the woods ... just on some of my motorcycle rides!


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Yup, was k-mart. Is odd coincidence, just saw blue lights flashing in a walmart parking lot.
(Not sure, may have been a motorized buggy picking up carts though? - think saw that one time.)
Guess there's inny and outy blue light specials? :)