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Yea, this would be nice as long as there is no real gory pics posted. Would hate to see my little chicken buddies all messed up.....😬
Serious though, a lot of hunters may be members and I like reading there adventures and seeing there trophy’s.
Yeah, I’m with you. Would like something along the lines of where people go, with pictures in their stands or on their hunts. What they are hunting with and groups with their hunting rifles/pistols. Maybe post some deals in regards to hunting clothing in it. Also tie in fishing with it. Post fishing pictures in there.


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You will still be posting your chickens in there...
You may be right..........


It’s great you guys are soliciting feedback. Personally I’m pretty happy with everything. Even the whole “Cock” filter was just a minor inconvenience. Although I think it’s better to be able to use the word on a gun forum where it’s unlikely to be used vulgarly.


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Is there any way in the search section, it can be peaked some, you type what your looking for and when the search comes back, it will say words to small so it omitted them, then the search you made is useless because it brings up stuff you wasn’t even looking for.


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I would like to see a DIY section with areas like gunsmithing, reloading, etc. I've helped to build a lot of forums over the decades and DIY areas bring in a lot of people by means of search engines. Someone has a problem so they go to google or whatever search engine they use and they type in a question. That brings them in increasing traffic to the site which helps improve search engine standing. Make sure hashtags are used in all areas of the forum that are relevant to that area. Don't just put AR15 in ever area, too many hashtags will cause problems.