From 9mm to 45?

New member here guys, so apologies if this has already been covered. I wonder IF the new administration restricts magazine capacity to 10 rounds, do members think they change calibers from 9mm to .45 acp or .40? Or if certain bullet types (i.e. expanding bullets) are restricted. Thanks guys, love the Forum.
Good question, I’m not to concerned on this, it will have to go through both houses of Congress, can’t use executive order for this, plus personally I think it would be a hard sale to try to make people who own them register them, and pay tax on them like it was stated, but, this is just my opinion.
If they were to once again trot out high capacity mag bans it would be like it was under the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. That is to say those who have them are fine. In other words they would just be illegal to produce or sell. As far as banning hollow points, I don’t think that will ever happen and in any case whatever crap the new administration tries to pull, it will immediately be challenged and the SCOTUS will decide. I think with Manchin claiming he won’t support Supreme Court stacking, there’s going to be a lot of stuff they will be afraid to try simply because they know it will go to SCOTUS and is likely to be struck down as unconstitutional.
If legislation limiting magazine capacity and prohibiting defensive ammo were able to pass, then I would consider switching from 9mm to 45 acp. With modern defensive ammo, the performance of 9mm ammo and 45 acp ammo is close enough that I would still carry 9mm due to the ease of concealing smaller firearms. If we were somehow forced to only use FMJ ammo, then I would most likely bring a Commander size 1911 into service as my EDC.