Gear-up bag Bait and Switch?

And I’m sure there is and that’s unfortunate that things had to be substituted for some however my point was they were free!!!
Yea, but when you buy a new Springfield, it’s comes with the folio, why would it be ok for them to send you another one when you were supposed to get a range bag? So now you got the gun and 2 folio’s ……..to me it makes no sense. Like I said before, if they couldn’t send you what it was supposed to be, and used the excuse of the demand was high, they shouldn’t have made the promotion then at all if they couldn’t come up with the bag, I rather have a credit slip or something that way you could go to there store and get something you wanted
I just received my XDM Elite 10mm gear up promotional kit today after a 10-week wait. I too, received the folio pistol pouch, 3 mags and 2 velcro mag pouches and 2 velcro security straps. The folio pouch is fine, it's big enough to hold the XDM and two mags in their pouches.

The problem I found is that the mag pouches are not big enough to hold the mags and secure the velcro straps. The mags, even after jamming down, are too long to allow the velcro strap to be secured. Not an earth shattering problem but certainly an indicator of poor customer relations.

I called Springfield customer service and the rep I spoke to was not aware of the problem, but said she would let someone know, more or less giving me the brush off. I told her I was disappointed and that it didn't look good for Springfield to be offering promotional material that won't even work with the items they send.
Paid for my hellcat pro in full on 8/19/22 before even getting my permit just to take advantage of the gear up program, submitted SN# on 8/19, and got my conformation that it was excepted on 8/23, now mind you ---
phone number
and firearms info with proof of purchase, get an email on 11/1/22 that my Item shipped.....
1- cross cannon notebook gun case. this is the same crappy little case the gun comes with, and email states High cap mags not legal in NJ, I call bull **** on whole deal, not sending me the range bag that was offered, and not allowing my FFL to block the mags in order for me to accept them, my hellcat pro came with 2- 15 round mags that were blocked by my FFL and legal in NJ, Springfield never giving me a call or any options , and there was not anything in there promo or print about NON-ELIGIBLE STATES. Also not even giving me anything the was in this promotion, this is out right bull ****. and only making 10rd mags for the compact and not pro,First spring field firearm and also my last, will stick with my H&K, FN firearms from here on out.
I dunno. I buy firearms for the firearms, not the promotionals. A promotional is an advertising gimmick to try to move inventory. 3 mags...those seem nice, but not a deal breaker for me. I've gotten those folios before (Springfield XDM Elite...I think?). I don't use them. They stay in the box if I ever decide to sell/trade-in. My big thing is that when I research a firearm to purchase (and make my mind up to get it), I scan the usual suspects (vendors) for a while looking for sales. Some weapons will never go on sale, but I've had my share after being patient. OK, I said my piece!
I was going to post the same thing. Springfield has no problem substituting something like sights when the usual ones aren’t available. The folio is hardly an equitable swap for the range bag. You should have stuck with the P365. There’s a reason Sig doesn’t dangle gimmicks in front of you to buy a P365.

They save that for the big kahunas who buy Legions.
@bimbim18 I agree with @SimonRL. You should have went with the P365. Sportsmansguide.com had the P365x (has the newer trigger and optic cut too), two extra mags, and IWB kydex holster (sells separately for $100) for $600.

I still wish I went that route. The ONLY reason I purchased the Hellcat is I purchased an used like new Hellcat OSP with 2 extra mags (total of 4mags) from a guy on the GlockTalk forum for essentially $350. Then I applied for the GearUp promo, and Springfield approved it. That's a total of 7 mags and a Hellcat OSP for $350...

I would not have purchased the Hellcat otherwise because you instantly loose $100-$150 in value and they are hard to resell unless it's priced in the $300s on a $500+ gun.

Heres the link to the 2:

Range bag


Why on earth would someone want the folio case instead of the bag when the Hellcat ships in a small folio pistol case already? They should have given $37 in store credit and an apology.

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Was on the fence between the Sig P365 and Springfield Hellcat (admittedly leaning more towards the Hellcat). Seeing the gear up promotion definitely made me spring for the hellcat. I mean 3 mags (considering there's no such thing as aftermarket hellcat mags, and they're not cheap) and the range bag.

Considering my current rifle bag is packed pretty full on range days with a Kel-Tec SU-16C in 5.56 and a suppressed SBR in 300 BLK and the outer pouch filled with multiple different mags so I don't mix up ammo, a seperate range bag for my pistols is definately what I needed (a Gen4 G19 and my new hellcat).

My brother ordered his hellcat 2 weeks before I did, I had to wait till the following payday... bills and stuff. He got his mags and range bag. The range bag is pretty sweet. I was kinda stoked, it was way better than I was expecting. About 2 weeks later I get my package from Springfield. I am quite surprised. Estimated 8-12 weeks for processing, but I got it in 5 weeks. Sweet. That's where I was a bit disappointed. I open it and I pull out this hideous contraption along with a letter. In the letter they explain that 'due to supply issues' they substituted the range bag with a folio, and since the MSRP for the range bag and the folio were the same, 'We're good'. IMHO they were not nearly equivalent.

The folio was much lower quality than the range bag. As far as I'm concerned the folio is only good for putting your pistol(s) into before you toss the folio into another bag. Pretty useless to me. For that I'd just use some velcro cinch straps in my rifle bag (if I had space) to strap in my pistols and toss my pistol mags in next to them.

I ended up giving my folio away to someone that didn't have anything at all for their gear. I would have been willing to wait 2-3 months for their 'supply chain' issue to resolve. It's whatever at that point. Whatever, I'll just buy a proper range bag. What really irked me was that they were still promoting the range bag knowing they wouldn't be able to fulfill it.

BTW I do love my Hellcat, still happy with it and the mags that came with it.

Does anyone else have a similar experience or feel the same?
I think that sucks, but what do I know. when I bought my XDS mod 2 I got the gear up deal and it came with the range bag. Not too bad. I bought mine from a local dealer, so I didn't have to wait. Got it when I picked up the gun. ALso came with the old Hard Case, which is really great. Wish they would still give them out, but seems everything is now in a bag.
That folio is a weak substitute for the range bag. But, consider yourself fortunate from my perspective; it's been a full 12 weeks since my claim for the promotion was approved and I have yet to receive shipping information, let alone the actual items...
That folio is a weak substitute for the range bag. But, consider yourself fortunate from my perspective; it's been a full 12 weeks since my claim for the promotion was approved and I have yet to receive shipping information, let alone the actual items...
I've been stiffed before on related. Beretta for one example never sent me the $100 they owed. I hope that's not the case here. My hope is they are waiting for more stock.
So I heard by multiple accounts on the BerettaForum.net and other places. I am just glad I never had to deal with them.
I emailed them to ask what the torque specs for the pic rail on the 1301T was. That was like a year ago and they never responded. They don't have the time for such frivalties I suppose. They do however have the time to flood my email with ads for stuff I am not interested in on a daily basis. I did get a discount code for their "Beretta store" when I bought the gun, but I never found anything else they had that I wanted. That said, the 1301 is a fantastic shotgun. I run the snot out of it and it begs for more.

After about a day and half of waiting. I just asked Brownells who gave me the information I needed.