Glock history

I started off as a Glock hater. I learned to love them over time however, I go through phases where I’m all about certain types of firearms from Glock, Sig, CZ, Springfield, revolvers, 1911’s, all types of AR‘s and even building AR’s. There are still 2 Glock’s that I love and will never get rid of, my 17 Gen 4 and my 19X. I could really take or leave the rest. Even the beloved 19.
G40-(10mm) my favorite...
Should have said had other models/Gens in the past but these are my current ones and am very pleased. I like what they did with the Gen5
Over the years I've become a big Glock fan. So far I have amassed the following Glock pistols as well as OEM .357 Sig barrels for the G22, G23 and G27. Although I do not own any Gen 5 guns the made some great changes to them that I hope carry over to other calibers in the future.

G17 Gen4 MOS
G19 Gen4 MOS

.40 S&W
G22 Gen4
G23 Gen4
G24 Gen3
G27 Gen4
G35 Gen4 MOS

I own three older LARGE Glock Pistols one is a G-21 .45 ACP, G -20 10mm, G -17 L 9MM, but I am not a Big Glock Fan I prefer the Springfield Armory XDM OSP Elite Line in these calibers to the Glock. I like to look and feel of the Springfield Armory XDM OSP Elite Pistol over all the handguns I own. I think I will put my 3 Glock Pistols in safe queen status.