Has any one found this in receiver?


New gun 50 rounds down, 147 hornady match and 143 persion hunter. Would not group under 1.5 inch.
Bore scoped barrel and found this. One land is longer than others in throat and metal gouged out in reciever past lugs. 6.5 PRC waypoint 2020. This is a new gun not used.


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My guess it's hammer forged. Still QC should've been aware of this! Might want too find out who actually made this barrel for them. The receiver pics are between the lugs on the receiver and the chamber or elsewhere on the receiver? When you 1st chambered a round, did it close easy or needed force? Did you notice any gas toward your face/hands/body when fired? If checked on go gauge only it can have false results! Also do not use tape on the back of the go gauge for a no-go gauge use as tape compresses. If a no-go passes along with a go gauge them headspacing is correct. With the afore mentioned ammo, it was factory ammo? Twice I've had Hornady ammo that was over pressured just enough to know it was................well not entirely on Hornady's side, just a short throat that made the issue. How did the fired cases look? Post a pic or 2 of them. Did it/they extract normally or a stiff bolt lift? Remove the bolt and post pics also of the face and lug area. Not knowing which reamer was used is in question as there is so many different ones. With an unfired cartridge have the bolt removed (set aside), point the barrel (muzzle end) downward and drop in a cartridge. Then slowly tilt the barrel (muzzle end) upward and see if the cartridge slides out easy.
As requested pics of cases, rifle, BSF barrel, Bolt lug wear on one side.
Inserted 143 Hornady round and 147 Hornady Match round by hand, turned gun with barrel to sky 90 degree from floor and neither bullet dropped out, had to bump stock on floor to get out. Chamber was clean and dry. Bolt lift felt gritty but not hard. Have emailed Sprin gfield with pics.
was clean and dry.


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So, did you change the barrel as the SA site states ss fluted barrel? If the barrel was changed what possibly happened was whomever swapped it out used a method that did damage to the receiver? The scaring inside the receiver doesn't look to done by firing ammo, just when tooled. I have a 6.5creed barrel from bsf that doesn't have any tooling or any other marks/bad chambering or rifling.
Doing more research on line I'm questioning if electrode used in EDM machining was worn out causing burn marks in lug area. Causing bolt wear on one side. Barrel chamber appears reamer was worn, or mis aligned as lands are longer on some. Rifle has been at factory for 5 days now. Will post updates. Giving them chance to make right for Rifle costing over 2000.00 dollars.
I hope they give you a new rifle!
I had a problem with a Ruger. Ruger replaced the rifle no charge, no problem!
Rugar has always had great customer service!
Update requested, was informed no Update available other than they need another week or two. So rifle has been there posession since April 3rd. So still waing.😪😪
QA/QC has been a point of contention lately with Springfield. Wonder whats up. They will make it right though. Hopefully sooner rather than later for ya.
Finale update, Rifle returned to me on Thursday, new barrel installed polished out receiver. Range trip today. First group photo 1, second group photo 2, third group with hornady percision hunter after adjusting scope. All is right with the world. X ring is .75 inch.