Heirloom Precision Custom SA-35 — A Millionaire’s Gun?

the SA-35 which i once owned, and worked flawlessly, is still "just a gun" and nothing any more special.

they can gold plate it, dip it in diamonds, it'll still be a $799.99 gun.

unless a gun was owned by a famous lawman, or gunslinger, or a gangster like Al Capone, or Bugsy Siegel, Clyde Barrow, or Pretty Boy Floyd, or maybe an actor that was a collector, and shooter himself, it has no more value than retail.

but millionaires, they are quite dumb...

dip a Hi Point in that gold and diamonds, and they'd buy it
All handguns have a life-span on how many rounds they will take before parts wear out, and or rebuilds are needed.

While some think that forged components are stronger & better than cast that's not the case with Ruger's, and that FN switched to cast frames with the post-93 Mk.III's because of the forged frames failing when FN introduced the .40 S&W to the BHP. They carried that same into the 9mm version making the Mk. III the strongest BHP version according to S. Camp.

Pre-93 BHPs had forged frames just like the SA-35 and S. Camp has stated that while they weren't built to handle +P loads they could handle plenty of shooting in light of the BHPs well-known idiosyncrasies.

BHPs didn't fair well in high-round IPSC/ISPA-type shooting due to the BHP characteristic on having its relatively short frame rails inside the slide expanding out when it got hot into the cooler frame resulting in the BHP locking up.

Getting custom work done on a pistol is nice but one doesn't have to be a millionaire to do so.

My .02

BTW - getting rid of the magazine disconnect safety is no recent discovery having been done on BHPs for decades, as well that 15 rd. Mecgar mags have been readily available for decades.

BTW2 - the gunsmith did a nice job on that SA-35.

BTW3 - I hope SA's early problems with the SA-35 are behind it.
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I've had a long time love affair with the Hi-Power. There's no doubt that this is a truly fine pistol. But such refinements are wasted on this old man. I'm just not able to shoot such guns to their full potential. That's the same reason I don't spend thousands of dollars on other top end pistols. I do just fine with the factory stock versions.
While I do realize that some people have problems with hammer bite, I gotta say that extended beaver tails on a Hi-Power are just plain cumbersome and butt ugly. The thing looks like it would just get in the way. Especially if carried in a holster.
I have an SA-35 and so far have been very happy with it just as it is. ;)
If SA could add a thing or three from this Heirloom (like the extended beaver tail and a better trigger) to the second generation of the SA-35 without raising the price too much, I may plop down some money for it...
Both available in the EAA/Girsan MCP35 Match or OPS models for a better price.




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