Hellcat #2 trigger heavier than Hellcat #1 . . . advice needed


I realize this thread is a bit old, but I'm curious if you ever went with the PRP. I am having the exact same issue with my hellcat. I don't know trigger pull, but it is painful to shoot without gloves. Pinches my trigger finger exactly as you describe. I have a Hyve Monarch trigger coming in on Monday, but was curious about other solutions. I had a shield before this and never really like it so I never invested anything in it. I really, really like the hellcat except for the trigger pinch, so I'm willing to sink some $$ into it to get it to where I want it. If the hyve doesn't work I'm going to try the PRP or Apex. There's a guy on the SpringfieldForum that likes the Apex in his hellcat, but he didn't have trigger pinch issues prior to the swap.
Well as sorry as I am to hear your Hellcat is pinching your finger, I am glad Im not the only one!! I spoke with Apex customer service and was not assured that the pull weight would improve enough because of where it is starting from. I am going to send it to PRP, I just had to wait a couple weeks from a financial stand point. I will probably be sending it at the end of this week. If your pull weight isn't an issue, I'm sure the Apex trigger kit will eliminate the pinching. I would encourage you to call Springfield though. In my opinion they need to know their gen 2 trigger is not a win!
I will report back when I get my PRP improved Hellcat back. I am looking foward to it. Thanks for your reply!


So it's been a while....a LONG while, but I wanted to get back to everyone on this issue. I ended up sending the hellcat (#2) to Powder River Precision after much internal debate. They installed their trigger/spring kit and polished the internals while they had it apart. They shipped it back quickly and everything looked good.

I waited to update this post until I had a couple hundred rounds through this improved hellcat. The trigger is much improved. The pull weight is now similar to my first hellcat, only now this one is much smoother. PRP did and excellent job making this a carry ready pistol. The performance has been flawless; not a single issue with multiple brands of ammo with a variety of weights. In my opinion, it's unfortunate I felt I needed to put another couple hundred dollars into this hellcat to make myself feel comfortable with it, but I have to say, PRP made me feel like I got my money's worth.


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My gun had a 2nd generation trigger and still had a very heavy pull. I could feel flex in the plastic parts so I put an apex trigger in it and it is a couple pounds lighter, quite a bit smoother and more consistent, and breaks cleaner with a positive reset. It's still about 6 pounds so not a major change but it helps me shoot it better. I've been spoiled by revolver triggers.