Hellcat Front Sight


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Oregunner, there should be a warranty claim available on that short of a period.

I wondered about this too as my older XD45 (14 yr old Trijicon) is kept in darkness.
Knowing there is a shelf life of tritium infused sights and quality/price makes a difference..

Basically understanding that tritium is not like older ordinary phosphor and each element by its composition works independently but when combined together they provide luminescence in darkness.
example is phosphor alone needs to be “recharged” with daylight and tritium works chemically to glow continuously.
Is there a tritium to phosphor ratio in a sight vile that and which one eventually fails first, or does a long stored tritium/phosphor sight need to be exposed to some amount of daylight periodically to get just the phosphor activated ? If the tritium content is exhausted is there enough phosphorus matter in the sight vial to provide some level of luminescence?

Perhaps too technical for a $100 replacement !
I imagine there are expectations in quality and sacrifices depending on manufacturer.

Took out my XD from storage and here’s an example of what I have in a near dark room pointed at the floor and camera focus is about 8” from sights, seems plenty to me for range practice or intruder (front sight looks a bit dim or out of focus)….
Yes the luminescent ring around the small tritium does fade in time however the smaller tritium dot fades approximately 30 minutes afterwards and the front sight is completely dark, my bad maybe in my first post I didn't quite explain it well enough.


I could never see the tritium sight on my EDC in darkness....some sights are better than others for sure. BUT, I did not buy it for the tritium...no way would mine EVER show up in a photograph in the dark. 2 years old. (I've heard repeatedly that tritium sights last "5 years").
Well I just got back from doing some errands this evening and I thought I'd check on my front sight so I took it to our walk-in closet and the front sight is completely dead, kinda disappointing to say the least. Maybe tomorrow morning contact Springfield Armory



Sorry for the not updating everyone on the forum but I did receive my slide back from SA and they did install a new sight and all is well now. SA stood by their product yes it was defective, but SA made it right and you can't ask for much more in customer service than that.
Good to know I love the front sight on my Hellcat Pro, but good to know that if it fails, I should be able to get it replaced