Hellcat Giveaway Winners!


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No, not Former National Security Chief John Bolton.
I was going to ask if you were of Officer Joe Bolton fame that I used to watch as a kid (host of Our Gang, Three Stooges, etc. on WPIX in NY). But that was so long ago I doubt a lot on here wouldn't even know who I was talking about. Anyways jbolton, again congratulations

adam sr

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Well, we have reached our first week with the new Armory Life Forum and could not be more happy with the results! With thousands of Founding Members and more than 2,000 posts in just the first week, this has been a great experience for all of us. Thanks to you all for your part in helping to make this happen.

Also, we have randomly selected (contingent upon contact and verification) the five winners of the Hellcat giveaway pistols. Congratulations to the following five Founding Members!
  • Epeeist
  • JPierce
  • Scott Husby
  • Jbolton
  • 69C10step
We will be reaching out to each of you shortly to work out the details.

Thanks again for being a part of The Armory Life Forum. And now that the forum has gone public, please share it with as many of your friends as you can!
Congrats to all the winner.


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I have to Thank you for this opportunity! I've carried Springfield since the 70's starting with my first a .45 that I was issued in the Navy. Shot better than the Remington. When the Baretta came out I still carried the .45. Now retired from the Navy, I carry a Springfield .40. This Hellcat is a huge boost for me to conceal and carry more comfortably.
I have wanted one since the first day they came out. I will enjoy sorting through ammo to determine what shoots the best through it. Any recommendations from current Hellcat owners?
Mine has had no issues with a variety of range and self defense loads.
I prefer the standard pressure loadings from Hornady critical defense 115gr and Federal HST 124gr the later of which being my carry round.
The gun handles +p 124gr as well as some heavier 147 and 150 grain loads better than I do. The recoil is not terrible but it increases my shot splits too much for my taste.
Enjoy your new Hellcat!