Hellcat issue


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Can you be a little more specific on which piece you're referring to?


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Hi @Ramrod21961, welcome to the forum. Part #25 is part of the Striker group and is the Striker guide. The Striker group parts #24,25,26,& 27, all slide into the back of the slide and are held in place by the Striker Locking Plate. I have the Hellcat non OSP version, and when shaken side to side I can hear minimum rattle in the front which seems to be either the slide itself or the barrel. With the slide locked back, side to side will cause the barrel to rattle more pronounced.
I don't find this to be abnormal, and have fired over a hundred rounds from it without a problem. If this concerns you, I'd recommend giving SA Customer Support a call, or take it to a local gunsmith for inspection, who may charge you (or perhaps not if he/she is nice), and address your concern.


It's normal. Are you sure it isn't the Striker rattle? Do you only hear it when it's unloaded? You can always get that part from LakeLine for $15.00 and see if it stops. If nothing else it is stronger built.


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I thinks it’s very similar to the striker rattle on a Glock, nothing to be concerned about, but, you can always get ahold of Springfield‘s
customer service if you feel the need.
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I too get a slight rattle. But I gotta shake it pretty good. Hundreds & hundreds or rounds have proven its mettle to me. Never an issue and always functions.

OP, I hope that you get the same sense of confidence that I have.
I just purchased the Hellcat OSP. The first time that I loaded the magazine and holstered the gun, no bullet in the chamber, I rattled like I had Tic-Tacs in my pocket when I walked across the room (Like Elaine's office mate in Seinfeld). I had to put my hand on it to keep the people around from hearing it rattle. I will reach out to customer service and let you know what I find out.
After reading the post. I checked out my Hellcat OSP, fully loaded and chambered, no rattle. Unloaded, no mag, slide closed, I can hear the slide rattle a little when I shake it sideways, no sound when I shake front to back. Unloaded mag inserted, slide closed, no sound.
I would not shoot the gun, I would talk to SA customer service. I bet they will want to look at the gun. Full disclosure I purchased the Hellcat when it was first announced.


Mine has a rattle in the slide, when shaken longitudinally. Sounds like the firing pin assembly moves.
I thought that is normal, until I got a Sig P365. No noises there. Don't know if it means anything.
PS: My casings show markings of primer drag that I think is excessive. Again... don't know if is related.