Hellcat Pro recoil spring assembly same as reg Hellcat?

I'd like to replace my Hellcat Pro's plastic guide rod/ recoil spring assembly with a tungsten/steel one to add more weight to the front of the gun.
Does anyone know if the standard Hellcat's recoil spring assembly is the same size/length, as the one in the Hellcat Pro, and interchangeable?
Metal guide rod/recoil spring assemblies are available for the standard Hellcat, but none I can find are specifically compatible with the Pro version, and the manufacturer doesn't know if they would work or not (they don't have both guns to try it).
Springfield CS isn't responding to my question, figured if anyone here has both guns, you would know the answer.
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Pro is longer.
I’d expect lots of fails, jams, FTF with the wrong spec spring. Wonder if Powder River Precision has something in the works and worth a call.
I don’t have either Hellcat, but anyone have pictures to post showing the actual measurements would help 835mag and any others contemplating such a swap.
I appreciate the information from everyone.
It appears the Pro is a longer recoil assembly, to go with the longer barrel, and isn't interchangeable with the standard Hellcat.
I talked to Powder River Precision, and their president told me perhaps next year they might consider making something like that for the Hellcat, but nothing before then.

I think for me at least, adding some weight to the lightish forend of the Pro would absorb some of the flip I feel from the gun.
My problem too, is that I'm used to shooting my 2 other similar sized pistols (Walther PPQ-SC, PPS M2), both of which have steel quide rods. Call it a crutch, but it made each pistol easier to shoot for me.
I'll get there eventually with the Hellcat Pro, just need more time with it. It's another great gun that begs for some tweeks and aftermarket upgrades to make it even better.
I am also looking for that "crutch" to tame the recoil and flip. lol I picked up a Hellcat Pro as a slight downsize to my G19 Gen5 with tungsten guide rod.
So far all I have found is the DPM Recoil Reduction System. It looks interesting but might be a bit overkill for what I am looking for and double ($125.00ish) what I'd like to pay for a heavy guide rod.