Hellcat RDP Review: Rapid Response 9mm


Ten seconds in the effing background music, or whatever that pounding was, did nothing for me - distracting and useless. I ditched the video. I'll check that piece elsewhere.
Basically looks like the original Hellcat with a manual safety and they fixed the trigger issue (which they claimed was by design when I contacted them about it). I might be interested in adding the red dot and it would be nice if they offered the fixed trigger to existing Hellcat owners, but I'm not interested in a manual safety on a striker-fire EDC gun. I know there are some that prefer it though.


Just looking at the photos, I don't see how the manual safety would be offered as an update to existing Hellcats - the polymer frame is different, you can see how it is notched for the safety tab. I would assume (but we all know what happens when you do that...) there are also attach-points and pivots molded into the polymer.

The trigger...possibly? Depends if they changed pivot points to get the new geometry, or if they only changed the moving trigger itself. Since the same Gen2 trigger is on both the manual-safe and non-manual-safe pieces, I can't see how the manual-safety polymer would be 'redesigned' to take the new trigger, but the "old" non-manual-safe polymer wouldn't. But again, when you assume...
Yup, on assuming & day dreaming. :)

Hoping Hellcat doesn't take the twists & turns that Mustang did over the years with inches on & off?
Oops, wrong forum! No, not really, but there's a point there someplace? :)

Not really thinking Hellcat will go down that same twisty road though.
Remember purpose & intent? Would lose some it's CC capabilities.
An inch isn't bad with the why of new improvements.


On Hellcat? (Or, Heckcats? :) Why think it's great for CC or concealed carry?
Main reason chose Hellcat is it's fairly recent past history and included features.

The option of possibly adding an OSP sight sounded good for future possibilities too.
Usually researching the living**** out of everything beforehand, finding and sorting through bunches of sometimes overly biased opinions, found a few very descriptive real life situational reviews. One of them was this one below. If have a Hellcat already, consider it a very good refresher course?



Two things deserve a mention/discuss/ evaluate: 1. how does the hellcat perform with a can? 2. the muzzle comp negates the whole "stand off device" concept that they tried to sell with the Gen 1. Can we get a follow up review on the Hellcat using a suppressor?


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the muzzle comp negates the whole "stand off device" concept that they tried to sell with the Gen 1
No, it doesn't. The "stand-off" keeps the slide from being pushed back out of battery. Pushing on the barrel should not cause the gun to go out of battery, since it does not "move" relative to the frame when the gun is fired. The compensator mounts to the barrel, not the slide.