Hellcat RDP w/Hex Optic


Master Class
So I was doing my part helping out the industry...well actually just impulsed bought the hellcat RDP because I found it below MSRP. Few observations:

- feels different than my first gen maybe the materials/gripping, although maybe I just wore mine down ha
- the Hex MOA is small and not bright enough for me. Darker rooms, its fine, but I liked the manual adjust which this does not have. my 507k Holo is manual and is more visible. It does seem pretty hardened though. I will let someone else beat their dot like sage did to the holosun.
- Maybe it is just my eyes, but it feels like the hex dot “pulses”. My other red dots are a constant on, and this one feels like there are micro blinks. It does make it easier to catch, but certainly different.
- co witness is def better with the hex and hellcat wit the yellow front sight. I guess together its a good combo
- I have not shot it yet (no time), but the comp does add a little length, but not much
- I am hosed on my holsters though as the comp does not slide through any of my day to days except my JM4 leather
- Trigger is def different. Feels different, break is similar but feels thicker and sturdier then my gen 1.

I may try to see if I can swap slides from my first gen to the RDP just for fun like my adult lego sigs

Crazy week or two so I dont know when I will get to shoot it. Will report back either way.


Master Class
Few places have it online. I ended up getting from Tin Star since they had it in stock and dont charge shipping/tax. They are out there, but finding it at a fair price is the challenge. Sign up for alerts on NW armory and Tin star. I have had good success with alerts in general.