Hellcat SMSc Zero Distance

Well, I typically set my red dots to match my irons on handguns, so on my Hellcat with the SMSc, I've set it to dead on at just about 10 yds/30' which is what the included Hellcat test target was set to. At that set point, my theoretical 124gr 9mm will also be 'dead on' (real close) at 50 yds, and mid-range will never be more than +1" out to 50 yds +/-. And in theory it will not drop below LOS until about 65 yds +/-, so I should be good at least out that far.

But, here's the real truth to the matter. All these numbers are fairly accurate up to the point it might happen. But if I'm ever engaged by a shooter out beyond 30 yds or so, I ain't even bothering to think about mid-range, shooting back, or anything else other than getting away .... I just never learned to shoot well over my shoulder at a dead run!!!!! Yeh, I said that! jj
For what it’s worth: the Holosun SCS that came on my new VP9 is zeroed for 25 yards, according to the literature.

I’m not gonna muck with it.
I wouldn't either. 25 yards is perfect for handguns IMO.

I have to say too that all the Holosun optics I have ( including the Romeo 5) have been very close right out of the box. The bigger units seem to be zeroed at or close to 50 yards.