Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

Contact springfield they will get you a new one. Call them. Its fastest way to get it resolved. They will send you a fed 3xp. Return lable cia email. Print it out and when you drop off your wasp. Make sure you get a receipt for the drop off. It's obvious its rhe wasp. We don't need to be scientists to figure the issue is the wasp. Come on springfield fix the issues. You are aware of the problems we are having..
Sending mine in tomorrow because it will not hold zero. When I contacted Springfield I was told they don't trouble shoot the Wasp bit just send a replacement. She said it could take 4 to 6 months because they don't have any Wasps and will most likely stop selling them be abuse of all the issues. I asked about gettinga Shield instead. I was told to write a note saying I wanted the Shield instead and place it in the return package. Hopefully they send a Shield. I had the Wasp for a year and have had issues with it the whole time.