Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

I have had several Wasps ...each with multiple failures after replacement. The main problem with the failures is not only the sending back to be replaced, but the fact that you will not have any knowledge that it has again failed until you go to use it again. This, of course, leaves you without the equipment you purchased.j

HOWEVER....Springfield has bent over backwards throughout this whole debacle to do what they can to try to make us whole again. That has not removed the pain...but is really great customer service.
Springfield are good people trying to get this behing them. Remember that they did not make this product.

NOW..GOOD NEWS. When I l sent my last one back a couple of months ago I asked if it was possible to receive a different product as it was obvious that the WASP was just not going to work.

They advised that they would replace it with a SHIELD SMSC RED DOT...
The Shield optic arrived and has (of course) been working without a problem.

It may be an good idea to ask for this option if you are not happy with the Wasp failures.
Hope I'm as fortunate
Both of my Wasps failed me with their battery draining issues after 4 months and they were both stored in a dark safe specifically to avoid running the battery down prematurely.

I called Springfield Armory and talked with a nice gentleman who sent a shipping label so they could investigate the issues. I sent both Wasps to SA and they checked them out then replaced with new Wasps. Since the Hellcat now ships with the Shield optic I was hoping the replacements were that brand vs the Wasps.

We shall see what happens with the replacements but I'm afraid to depend on the Wasps for EDC.

As to Springfield Armory customer service I can only say that they were easy to reach by phone and they were quick to handle this issue for me. Very good customer service and handled quickly. I love my Hellcats and will purchase more of these sweet weapons for family members to use. They will be OSP models and will have optics on them. The brand will be chosen after some time with these replacement Wasps.


I installed the replacements during the independence day weekend and placed them in the safe until I could take to the range which I had planned to do last weekend. I had checked them a few times removing from the safe to assure the units were still working. They did for a bit but Friday when I pulled to holster them for the weekend the batteries were dead. One completely and the other one so dim it was useless.

Yesterday I got on the horn and called Springfield Armory customer service where I was on hold for less than a minute and explained the history with these Wasps and inquired about swapping for the sheild optic. Another option was refund.

Great customer service again. A label to ship these lousy Wasps back is on the way.
Just logged in tonight because my Hex Wasp finally died. It has been on continuously since Aug 18, 2021.
I looked at it last week and it was still on, tonight it was dead. The battery lasted 2 years and about 2 weeks. I'll put a new battery in it. Costs about $2.
Over and out.