High-Intensity AR Training with the SAINT Edge

Although I don’t currently own an AR platform rifle if SA would make an AR Edge rifle in .308 I would buy one in a heartbeat.
Saint Victor .308.
Already available
Running after hogs with a vest of .308 mags, hurdling logs and ditches. Gets your heart pumping. And, lets you know a .308 weighs more than a 5.56 😉
That kind of training is my idea of fun. There is very little that I would rather do. But there aren't many places around here where you can get an empty 1/2 square mile to run around and shoot guns in!
Quite intense and that’s some battle to prep for.
Always a good idea to be fit as a fiddle young or mature, before SHTF anyway.
Purposeful training even w/o a firearm, whether a bug out or holding down the fort, strap on some weights and take a hike, have some rations and an alt plan for getting back.