History of the Failure Drill: Mozambique Revolt Roots

I usually put 3-5 into the chest then go head on my drill… why stop at two when the mag holds 17-21.
I’d do 2 if I knew there were multiple assailants to save ammo, but single threat is getting more than 2 rounds
Or to save time. The next guy is waiting for you dispatch this guy.

Yes, practiced this drill many times. It's been a while though. Thanks for the reminder.

Thank you for your indulgence,

In today's politicly correct world using the term Mozambique drill isn't safe to say. When you have prosecutors who try to say if you play call of duty makes you an angry person, then the best thing is to say they kept attempting to harm me so I shot him in the head to stop him from harming me. When that didn't work I finished the 20 rounds in my pistol and then went to my rifle, followed by my shotgun. Followed by the antitank launcher...
In my short tour with an Auxiliary Security Force at one of the naval bases I served at, we were taught by a US Marine Gunny to use 2 center mass, 2 head, 2 center mass, reload. We started at 15 yards moved to 7 then 5. 3 mags all told. Lots of holes in those targets. Vintage 45’s.
Great article
I think on a battlefield or civil unrest where you have lots of folks to deal with, possibly at once, yes double chest, 1 head makes sense.
You only have so much ammo on you.

Known Single assailant like a one on one robbery, they are getting a few more rounds