How many of you remember this "legend", the Black Ghost?


Master Class
Today's cars, while more efficient and maybe faster, just don't have the "mystique" of those times. And I have yet to see any car that looks as good as a 1955 Ford T-Bird with the hardtop with porthole windows and the Continental Kit.


Lol, actually raced that car one time in Detroit. Lost, but it was close. My 67 Camaro was not dialed in at that point, it got way better later in the next few years . Only time I raced in Detroit, but I do remember that car and found out through the grapevine he was a cop.

Damn that brings back good old ne



Those were the days…every neighborhood had their gear head legend.
Chicago had a few spots for cruising and grudge racing in 60’s to 80’s which I recall were desolate locations like the ”Incinerator“ and both Elston and Clybourn Avenues quarter milers, Lower Wacker, Horseshoe Pier for showing off come to mind. I vaguely remember Skip’s Drive in. Both North or South sides cruise zones, hamburger hangouts and no trouble makers.
No longer safe these days. Undisciplined morons and gun toting maniacs took over.

Back in the 90s in Southern Maryland, there was a guy who had a black 1980 Chevy Malibu Wagon with a 427 in it. That thing was downright nasty.
What some peeps were doing is using the "truck block" 427 as the 454 didn't have a truck block. The truck block is a tall deck, so longer rods and a longer stroke could be used. The truck block already had longer rods that the car block. I think they're 1/8 or 1/4 longer rods?


I went the other direction with the Camaro, it had a 327 tricked out with gearing to make it scream. It was hard to beat, but crap on the freeway taking anywhere. But, then again after 75 I had the Trans AM for highway and the camaro to play with downtown.