How to Choose a 1911 Pistol

I’ve owned 1911’s from Colt, Springfield, Kimber, RIA, Citadel, ParaOrdnance, Systema, Les Baer, Dan Wesson, Norinco…off the top of my head.

The only ones I’d get now—other than one from the Big 3 custom shops (Baer, Brown, Wilson…and probably Nighthawk, so make it Big 4) would be a Dan Wesson…or a Kongsberg M.1914.
"Did you buy the wrong 1911?" The answer is always "Yes. Therefore I must buy more!" I follow this rule religiously.
thats my take, i need one of each so depending on which personality i have that day for the range is met with correct corresponding 1911... my 1967 colt 1911 is my benchmark for all others, its 99% perfect
my goal is easy ...one of each model :love:
Two of my 1911's are old Colts. They have an aura. But I prefer shooting the newer ones
Same here--a 1924 M1911A1 and a 1966 LW Commander. Most of the rest of mine are customs, built on either Essex (all-steel) or Fed Ord Ranger (alloy) frames. But most of them look a lot like SA Mil-Specs.