How to Clean an AR-15 Magazine

I have on occasions given a light coat of a dry lubricant like Hornady One Shot or a Teflon based lub. As both go on like a liquid and after drying leave a dry coating of lubricant that won't attract dirt. The Hornady One Shot is used in my .22lr actions and leaves no visible film on the firearm or actions, but is there. Easier to clean after...
After heavy use I disassemble mine and run a new tube sock through the magazine. Then I examine them and if I still some any residue I then use some compressed air to remove anything left behind. Just my two cents..
I shoot Remington's Dry Lube into my metal magazines, they run better and as it dries there's no stickiness to attract dirt and debris.
Though most of my metal mags are just set aside ICE, as I've gone to PMags for the most part.
I would note, only the Gen 3 PMags have the dust cap. Gen 2's don't.