How to Spot a Concealed Carrier


I've said this before but before I retired I worked as an armed guard.

One of the first things I learned on that job was that there are a bunch of street rats who aren't intimidated in the least by your gun. If they can find a way to disarm you they will, if not they'll simply move on to the next thing.

I've actually had people try to disarm me at work. I have no doubt they'd try the same on anyone else they encountered open or concealed carrying.

There are also people out there who don't think you should be carrying a gun (at all really) in public.

There was a group on Facebook that advocated calling the police on anyone they saw open carrying. They suggested lying to the police and telling them that the armed person is behaving in a threatening manner so the police will respond in force. Google John Crawford. He was killed by the police because someone reported that he was getting ready to kill people in A Wal-Mart.

Bottom line, I try very hard not to stand out in a crowd.
My thing has always been if someone can tell I am carrying I am doing it wrong. Of course people I know can tell. By my presence alone. :)


Those who know me expect that I’m carrying. I just look like the average 70 year old. T-Shirt out, Cargo shorts is the norm in the Summer and 4 months of winter while hiding in Florida. XDM 3.8. 9mm in the waist (lately) and a J-Frame (always) in the pocket. Know one has ever questioned me. A few that know I always carry have asked if I was carrying or how many so, I figure, I’m doing it right.


I live in rural Kentucky where more people wear guns than underwear or shoes (but not for the same purposes). Even here, where Constitutional open carry is more the rule than the exception, I take care with concealed carry, because a handgun is a highly valued/desired possession...not to mention, becomes a danger to me when it is in someone else's hands. So dangling one's weapon out in public (not meant as a euphemism) is about the same as walking around with a $1000 bill (Pre-current administration, as a thousand dollars isn't worth what it used to be) hanging out of one's pocket...a good way to become a target and invite a problem. I prefer targets to be in my sights, not to become one in someone else's. Just my opinion.
Am I the only one going out in 1 layer T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes? I do wear underwear as well. Let's be realistic, even if you can open carry, I think that it is a bad idea in areas where it is not the norm. You are just aggravating people that don't know any better and letting someone with ill intensions know who needs to be picked off first. CC is preferable, though not necessarily the most comfortable.

Honestly, I am not really looking for CC people when I am out. I am looking for that odd person hanging around too long where it makes no sense or in general acting suspicious. In general whether I see the CC person or not, he is usually not going to be my problem.


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Used to wear T shirts and shorts majority of the time but this year bought several Hawaiian pattern shirts from Amazon. The shirts were fairly inexpensive. Now it's shorts, beater, and an Aloha. The patterns really help with concealment.