I Found One (So I Bought It)

Went shopping today and came home with a XDM Elite 3.8 10mm

I’ve already removed the mag well and after warranty registration ordered 3 extended mags with sleeves.
I picked up one 50 round box
Sellier & Bellot 180 grain FMJ
To try out, looking for suggestions on Ammo.


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I've run Rem, PPU, Hornady, Speer 1 other brand without any issues in every 10mm I have (XDM and Glock). Soon I'll be using the same for the S&W hopefully this year.
Yeah TFL, I’ll probably end up getting both the SA and S&W M&P 10mms to add to my collection eventually. When the Shield Pluses were announced, my LGS got those in right away. Hopefully the same will happen with the M&P 10mms (I already have the SA 10mm on order). These new offerings are killing me (well at least my wallet 😉😆).


Mine likes federal Hydrashoks and Browning X tip. I mainly shoot the S&B at the range.
I bought some handloaded Golden Saber's from a loader I trust. He said they were "hot" loads for a 10mm rifle. They shot very well but they didn't feel hotter than the Browning factory loads. Both 180gr.