Irons vs. Optics for CCW: Which Should I Use?

That is a good article, but I still prefer my instant-on laser. Optics still require a traditional sight picture, just like irons. My laser does not - I simply place the dot where it needs to be, and pull the trigger. I can be reaching around a corner, shooting from the hip, point-shooting, whatever. In the terms of the article, how many milliseconds do I shave off by not having to raise the weapon to form a sight picture?

Place dot.
Pull trigger.
Replace dot with hole.
Repeat as needed.
Excellent work on the article @KLGunner 😁👍

I like the idea of an rds on a carry piece but I would like to try it on a Hellcat for at least a day before committing to it as I'm used to only using irons for CCW.

There's definitely gains to be had with today's firearms technological advances such as a CCW RDS but we all just need to learn not to be so stubborn and get out of our comfort zone and try something new.
Congratulations KLGunner on this great article! The one thing that stood out to me was the times of every shooter lowered with every repetition no matter what sight was used. This reinforces something seen a lot on this forum, that lots of training and practice makes a difference when it counts. As 10mmLife says above, try them all and find what's best overall for you. My 3 EDC's give me the option of irons (all have tritium sights), lasers (2), rds (1), and light (1). I can co-witness the irons on all of them and practice using everything to be prepared for any scenario I might find myself in. I rotate each weapon, one at each range session due to the current ammo shortage and found that I could work each sighting system for the one I'm practicing with on one box of ammo per session. I'm learning every time I shoot. Thanks again KLGunner!
Great article. I personally plan to stick with irons, but my choice is not meant as a criticism of optics. I have trained with iron sights on handguns for almost 20 years, and they are simply what I feel the most comfortable using. I'm pretty big on allowing responsible adults to make their own decisions. Whether the decision involves sights (optics vs. irons), carry method (leather vs. kydex, open carry vs. concealed, on-body vs. off-body), or carry condition (empty chamber, external safety, etc.); as long as you have put some thought into it and trained accordingly, then I support your decision to exercise your God-given right in whatever manner you feel is best for you and your family.
I don't see anything inherently wrong with red dots on carry pistols. I believe ( with proper training) they are probably faster and more accurate for most people than Iron sights). Certainly I put red dots on all my shotguns and my AR. Most of my regular rifles are scoped. I have one handgun with a red dot and I very much enjoy it. At this time though I prefer my carry guns have iron sights. If I were to put a red dot on a carry gun it would definitely be a red dot that is duty proven, not the $200 Venom I have on my Q5.
I'm on the fence, so I don't have a definitive answer yet. However, I'm planning on purchasing a .22 LR plinker with a long-term plan to mount a red dot. Based on this experience I may move towards a red dot on my EDC gun.
I'm inclined to try a red dot now that the ADE Spike has been released. Aluminum and Glass. $149.99 compared to a $450.00 Shield red dot. ADE for sure and you have a 30 day return window. I might try it but my astigmatism may tell me NO. :ROFLMAO:
Took a new friend to the range on Saturday for the first time. He had a blast, and we both enjoyed time putting holes in paper. While there we both parused the display case for new guns. I handled a gun with an optic for the first time, and it was totally AWESOME!

The red dot is cool, and it wasn't hard for me to find the dot either. Just perform a good presentation, and there it is. I can definitely see one in my future.