Is This the Best CCW Vest?

I just bought a Rothco concealment vest. I really didn't want a " shoot me first vest " but I have so many things to carry when I am out away from my home.

I bought the khaki colored vest.
I don't intend to carry my firearm in the pockets of the vest but I will utilize the mag pockets . I just have so much junk , 2 inhalers , a medium size flashlight , my diabetes test kit , etc , etc......

I will still carry my main firearm on my waist and I might carry my LCP II as a backup , in it's Desantis pocket holster , in the vest . Other than that and being able to carry at least 4 mags in the mag pockets , I got it for all the other junk I carry around.
I just can't get into the entire tactical/concealment vest trend. I own one Old Navy puffer vest and a couple of fleece vests for when the weather doesn't quite warrant a full jacket. Like Hans, I like the fact that they add a bit of extra concealment, but its not my primary goal. I am a big fan of sweater-vests at the office because they allow for undetected IWB carry in professional attire, but I'm not sure we will ever see advertisements for "Tactical" sweater vests.
Yeah, these scream “I have a gun!”, and loudly.

I have a couple of vests, one Carhartt duck insulated, the other Columbia fleece...I do use them for concealing during cold weather, but they aren’t purpose built for carry...but they just scream “I’m cold”.

Probably only to LEO and other gun guys that are into them. Definitely not to joe average. I wouldn't look at someone wearing one and think " That guy's carrying" unless they were printing. But I've never given a single thought to or even heard of a CCW vest until I saw this thread. I wouldn't wear it because they're ugly and frankly the idea of a coat/jacket that doesn't cover your arms is absurd.
Carrying a Government Model 1911 fully loaded in an inside pocket-Yaahh-Nooo-not for myself-
Too much hanging and swinging-think I will stick to my regular holsters-thanks anyways.
I have a Swat style heavy vest loaded with 3 full mags of .300 AAC-3 full mags of .45ACP-and several other assorted type tools-like knives and such.
I still have not found a young guy to hire so he could carry all that stuff for me-Oh Well
I know a few of you have said, nope, not putting a gun in a pocket. If you read the article you will find the pockets have Velcro and you can choose the holster insert that fits your firearm. My only issue is the weight is on one side. It works best when worn under a jacket or coat, not by itself.