John Wick 4 Trailer


I will watch it, probably will not catch the lightning in a bottle freshness of the first. But, I like sitting in the local theater eating a burger or pizza and enjoying the big screen experience. Quite frankly there just have been nothing else in the past year to get excited about movie wise in my opinion. I was looking forwards to Hocus pocus 2 with daughter, we went to the first together, then it went straight to streaming.

I know many loved topgun 2 but I do not care for Tom criuse never seen the first.

Maybe will try Puss N Boots, looks like it could be plain fun with the grandkids
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Have you had your morning coffee yet.Lol

I’m just not impressed with “gun-fu” movies in general, unless they have a really good plot.

The JW sequels really don’t have anything going for them, there.

Don’t get he wrong—the training the actors put in to pull of the scenes is impressive …but I’d rather watch a video of Keanu training with Taran Butler than the movie he was training for.


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The individual movies are a progression of the original story so while there may be weak spots, the artistic, action & gunplay themes of all the JW movies are unmatched.

KR definitely puts a lot of work into his gun handling & martial skills to make the movies more realistic than anything else, IMO, especially when other movies/actors use stunt folks to do that type of scenes.

The shotgun use in JW2 has influenced the role of a shotgun for self-defense in my perspective and I've made some changes there.

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