Know-How: Prepare to Meet a Predator


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Coming to a neighborhood near you could be any number of predators capable of injuring or even killing you. Thanks to conservation efforts and some over-the-top protective measures, predators, large and small, have expanded in many areas of North America. Once an uncommon sight, black bears, mountain lions, wolves and especially coyotes are not as unusual as your grandfather once touted.

Know-How: Prepare to Meet a Predator

Coyotes and dog packs are the biggest concern in this area of Michigan. Coyotes are very numerous and bold here. But there have been a number of rumored big cat sightings and possible driveway/door cam videos. A firearm is on my hip always, a revolver being my prefered companion.

We car camp and day hike. We both carried spray out west. I have a small chest pack that screams gun to people like us but not to Karen, or a drop leg if going open. It's a little odd carrying while wearing a backpack.
Article was written for “snowflakes “ who wander off. Nothing new here.

The article is a decent primer, just as it is titled, on the basics of interacting with possible dangerous game. Such things are helpful to those wandering off onto the road less traveled for the first times, even "snowflakes"
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We have had (and still do) have people from all over the country. Migrating to southern Arizona. We are about 40 miles north of Tucson, next to the Catalina mountains. Due in part to the fires a couple years back we have had quite a migration of all sorts of wildlife. Including mountain lions, many bobcats, tons of coyotes, few bears and a large variety of snakes. Including the ever-popular rattle snakes. People take no time to learn and just want it all to "GO AWAY" There was actually a group got together and wanted the authorities to round up all the havalina pigs and have them relocated. No one wants to take their time to learn to live in their new environment. Just change it and make it safe. "Like Chicago" Yea Right.
here in New England, we are getting more bear sightings. we are also seeing "some" fisher cats.

coyotes are here as well, and not at all afraid of humans.

and yet, with all the warnings, people still let "Missy" out all alone to do her "duty"......

and morons actually set out food for these wild things.

God's fools.