Labor Day

Ran out yesterday to Harbor ‘Fright‘ Labor Day Sale for one of these... $88 w/tax.

I’ll be satisfied if it lasts for all 3 upcoming projects;
breakup small garden waterfall feature that mice turned into some sort on condominium, chisel out some spalled wall brick, and if lucky, remove 12x12 tiles from thin set on cement board shower walls.
Two Milwaukee SDS+ bits cost almost as much as the hammer.

Chilly & wet here. First signs of fall with the temps trending down & the shorter days.

Ordered some gear based on Labor Day sales.
93 here. Went up to my folks and visited my mom. Today is her 80th birthday. We all got together and celebrated it last night, but I wanted to tell her happy birthday on her actual birthday in person. Spent the rest of the day setting up an acoustic and one of my Telecasters in an open C tuning, which requires a truss rod adjustment. Once I figured that tuning out I was able to easily pick out about 5 or 6 ( so far) great Soundgarden songs. The Gin and Tonics didn't help but I got started on those late so it's all good.