LCP Max??


The wife had some major back surgery 6 weeks ago and is doing very well. She took her EDC piece out of her purse so as to lighten her load when we would get out and about during her recovery. She is doing so well that she has mentioned that she's ready to put her firearm back in her purse.

Here's my dilemma..... her EDC is a Ruger LCP II 22LR. I have been pocket carrying it for most of that time in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. I do not even notice it in my front pocket. I really like it. Now that she wants it back, I am leaning to getting another one so I can still have one to carry. I want an LCP Max in .380. It nearly the exact same size as the .22 LR model so my Nemesis holster will work with it.

My question is this.....do any of you have a Max? How is it? How's the recoil? This gun will be in addition to my regular EDC firearm which is a Glock 26MOS carried IWB at 4:00.

Ideas, insights, or alternatives are appreciated!

I have the LCP II .380 and like it very much. I have thought about trading it for the max but just haven't done so yet. The sights are better on the max and I would guess that the trigger is about the same.

I use the DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster during summer months. The flap completely covers any outline of a firearm.
I have a Ruger security 380 with the easy rack slide. works well but maybe a little bigger than the LCP

Wanting to buy a pistol because it would fit in a holster is something I hadn't heard before.
I had an LCP II that I liked a lot. The Max adds capacity for a small price. The price of the Max has fluctuated somewhat, with sales making it a better option. Without that, the Max 9 is often cheaper, has two mags instead of one and is built optics ready.
I own an LCP MAX and love it. I carry it with the optional 12 round magazine and it still weighs in at just 16 ounces. The recoil is a bit snappy but not bad and it has great sights. I carry it in a Sticky holster. With the right ammo you have a great pocket pistol with a lot of firepower.
While the Ruger Security 380 is a great little gun, the extra barrel length and the extra 9 ounces of weight make if more cumbersome as a pocket pistol. Just my opinion of course.
I will admit that the Security 380 with the extra weight and longer barrel length make it more suited for clubbing someone over the head than the MAX.
Not shot the max. Regular LCP is great to carry (size/weight) but snappy on recoil. Not IMHO a “fun” gun to take to the range and burn 100 rds through, BUT that’s not what it’s made for. For an easy to carry EDC it works nicely to enable folks to “have a gun”. I’ve found it decently accurate and reliable.
I’ve had the 75th LCP MAX for 2 months now and love it. Didn’t care for stock pull, so installed lighter springs. Obviously, it’s not a range gun but I treat it as such with 1700 rounds. Wore out trigger bar and trigger pivot, lol. It’s a great gun, small with 10 capacity, what’s not to love about it. It has recoil but manageable, hey it’s a controlled explosion in your hands. Wouldn’t recommend it to first time shooters. Solid gun for 300 bucks, I’d pay more if they went to all metal. I have no concerns with the size of caliber for protection.
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