Let’s see those revolvers.


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As mentioned in my previous post here, w/pictures of my revolvers, my S&W PC 500 Mag Hunter order came in. :giggle:



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View attachment 16023Smith and Wesson 629 Classic. 44 mag

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Taurus 357/38 special
Nice revolvers, I used to have a S&W 629 Deluxe PPS, it had a port in front of the front sight, accurate, but very loud with the port. The Taurus is also nice, I feel,they are underrated, I have owned several with no issues, not a S&W of course, but good guns.


My Dad had a presentation Mod29 for several years and once promised it to me when the time came. Well, somewhere in between when he promised it to me and when he passed away, my youngest brother stole it and pawned it. Eventually finding out what happened to it unfortunately was too late to ever find it and get it back.

How'd I find out what happened to it you ask ..... well the dumb chit left a pawn ticket laying around the house where he was living with my folks for many years until they both were gone.


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Nice revolvers, I never handled the Kimber, how is it? I see now they have a target model which looks interesting.
Thank you. They are known for their 1911’s but I don’t own one, this revolver is my first Kimber.They put quite a bit of work into it. The Trigger , fit and finish, edges are all smooth; this is perhaps my fav revolver. I have yet to shoot it ,so I can’t speak to recoil of a 357 round.