Long-Range with Springfield Rifles, Through the Ages

Great article and awesome rifle the M1A, but I wish you would use a loaded model with the wood stock which is something a regular person can afford like myself. I've had mine for two yrs and love going to the range with it.
WOW! To use a short barrel Calvary carbine with no doubt the worst sights ever was really a poor choice to start this comparison. The 1873 rifle with it’s superb rear sight would have been the way to go.
I shoot all the rifles in the test and have a High Master classification in HP competition. The 1873 rifle & the later models are extremely accurate . Even more so with black powder.
The test started of poorly.
The 1903, M1 & the M1A are very accurate, especially the SAI Loaded Model.
If anyone has an original Springfield Trap Door rifle, I recommend not shooting modern jacketed ammo as it will subject the mild steel barrels to excessive wear. Lead bullets were what these rifles were designed for. Cowboy loads with lead bullets would be my choice.
Too many reproductions…starting with the trapdoor. Buy, or borrow a 1884 with Buffington sight and start over. Then use 150 grain ammo for the 03 and Garand. Finish with a wooden stock M1A. Use what our fighting men used, then report back.
What, no mention of the 03A4? Blashphemy! :oops: