M1A: Too Outdated for Self-Defense, or Best Bug-Out Gun Ever?

Ok, I didn't read the entire thread. Most of it was written before I ever got here. :rolleyes: But I do get the gist of it.

M1A outdated? Not hardly. Its my favorite rifle. 😁
Bug out? Not likely. Here at home I have food, water, weapons and ammo. The situation has got to be dire indeed if I have to run. Besides, I'm old and not in the best of shape. Bugging out would likely be the end of me. :(
In the SHTF situation, my rifle choice will be my M1A Scout/Squad for all the reasons already mentioned and simply because I like it best. ;)

Best gun is always the one in your hand at the time you need it.

If I bug out to my country property, I’m taking .308.
Deer, pigs, large livestock, distance, etc …

If I stay in town, 5.56… no deer around. Only 2 legged to contend with
I shot my m1a scout the other day at my 165 yd range.
I have 5 metal plates hanging.
I have a 1moa RMR on scout rail that allows rapid both eyes open accurate target engagement.
I can hit all five targets so they never stop swinging.
The 308 hits so dam hard compared to 556 and I know it will shoot through car doors and concrete too.
It’s low recoil, silky smooth action and shotgun point ability makes any good shooter feel invincible.
I still like the portability of a light little ar15 but I would never want to face off against a man with an m1.

FAL: Too Outdated for Self-Defense, or Best Bug-Out Gun Ever?

Here’s my answer: