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TFB Review: The New CZ Shadow 2 Compact Pistol

This has been the latest release from CZ-USA with a number of new features and options for the brand.

The Shadow 2 Compact is based on the smaller P01 firearm but that’s where the similarities end. CZ went through this gun and replaced almost everything inside the pistol to make it feel like all the other members of the Shadow 2 family.


Looks alright, CZ makes good stuff. I just can't get onboard with the optics on pistols I guess. I have 3 all steel 9mms, a CZ 75B, SA-35 and a Jericho 941 FS9. I'm an old geezer and when I started shooting pistols they didn't need batteries. And no they weren't flintlocks for smart @$$es.
I've had my Shadow 2 Compact for a few weeks now. Absolutely fantastic pistol! First of all it just looks great, but it goes beyond that. Ergonomics are excellent. If you have ever shot a full size Shadow 2 you'll love it. It has the usual great CZ trigger that measures a very consistent 3 lb 2 oz SA and 8 lb 9 oz DA.

To those saying that it doesn't look "compact". It falls in line with most other guns being sold as a compact. It's almost identical to the Dan Wesson DWX compact, the Sig P229, and even a Glock 19. Anything smaller would be considered a subcompact. I recently watched a video comparing it to a Stacatto C2 and even the slightly smaller CS and it compares very favorably at half the price. Some even preferred the CZ over the Stacatto.

It has been 100% reliable and very accurate. And it's just one of those guns that does everything well and is a blast to shoot. I hate to admit it, but I like the CZ over my DWX Compact and the DWX cost about $600 more.

One negative is that the left side safety is too low for me and even though it operates well, it's just not as easy to operate because it is so low. I might look into installing a full width Shadow 2 safety in it.

You know that it must be good when it has a MSRP of $1299 and it is being sold for prices as high as $1800. People can't seem to get enough of it. Luckily I stumbled on mine for $1199, and for that price, it is a steal. If you can find one at a reasonable price, I recommend that you grab it.
I think today anything with up to a 4" barrel and about 15 round capacity usually considered as a 'compact'. It fits pretty well into that category since anything over 4" is considered full size and anything less than 4" is considered a subcompact. Anything below that is usually considered a micro compact.

The Shadow 2 compact is DA/SA, so get that money out and go get one.
The Shadow 2 Compact has an aluminum frame. It weighs in at just over 30 ounces, so it's almost exactly the same weight as a P229 Legion or a DWX Compact.
i love all 3 of my full sized CZ's, but none of them cost me over $700

$499 (75B), $599 (75B Omega) , $699 (97B 45 ACP), is what i paid for the various CZ's that i have

i simply will not pay that price of $1300 for any 9mm..

a revolver..?? yup

a 1911...?? yup

but not for any 9mm.

checking my large LGS who is a stocking dealer for various brands, shows his price is $1399, but showing $1299 as a sale price.

as it is, i'd rather not have anymore 9's.


$1,399.99 $1,299.99


I like it, but probably still considered a heavy weight in all steel construction.
It's real easy to find out.