My AR’s

So I went crazy with AR’s top to bottom is my-
AR10 Savage 6.5 with a SIG BDX Scope
AR10 Savage 308 with a SIG BDX Scope
AR15 Saint Victor 5.56
AR15 Saint 300 Black Out Pistol
All awesome guns
A lot of people belittle the 300bo, but they forget it is more a cqb than a long range hunting machine. I was skeptical at first about it. Mine have proven too be quite good for 8.5" barrels and I did buy a 16" for testing reloads.
Except for add on accessories like scopes, bi-pods and lights I’ve kept all my AR’s stock guns. No internal changes.
my 6.5 and 308 are awesome long distance shooters, my 5.56 was my first AR and a great all around gun. The 300 BO pistol was my last purchase and I love shooting that gun. I call it my fun gun. The only thing is it doesn’t like and won’t cycle on subsonic.
Man, nice collection! I have not heard much about the Savage rifles. Are they any good, in your experience?
I really like both my Savage AR10’s the 308 is so nice to shoot with a sweet kick. The 6.5 is also a great shooting rifle.
I’ve got Sig BDX scopes on both. Uses an app and range finder to send site recital information to the scope for the perfect shot.