My Philosophy on the 10mm Ronin


I have one, and all said in the article is true. I added a Talon stick-um on the front strap, and I keep extra stock on the fiber-optic rod (breaks every 200 rounds or so). Ya'll read my issue with the rear sight set screw, now fixed by SA with impeccable customer service. It's a home defense tool for me...no bears in my part of WI (although a 250lb male black bear just got whacked on the freeway in southern Milwaukee county last week!). I keep it for the 2-legged critters up to no good...after 500-round break-in it has been rock-solid with no operational malfunctions over the last 2k rounds. Maybe I ought to think about a new spring, hmmmm. Naw, I'll wait till it starts to malfunction as a test...


While I don’t have the Ronin 10mm, I do have my S&W 610, and I really love it, plus on the side, I can also shoot .40S&W
I can shoot .40 as well....I just tend not to do it...I forget while staring at piles of boxes in front of me at any store these days (hell, .40 was always in stock through the pandemic around me. Nothing else, but .40 was always present).

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I know if I went out and got the Ronin in 10mm Springfield would make the Emissary in 10mm so I’ll wait because that is the 1911 I want!!!!

@Mike H. Is SA planning on making the Emissary in 10mm? Please Let them know I believe it would be an awesome pistol.
I'll definitely put in a good word on that request for a 10mm Emissary — that would be cool one!
I'd love to get my hands on a Ronin 10mm. Such a sexy beast. I've never seen one in any of the local Phoenix gun shops. The day I do see one, I'm buying it, just like the day I walked into C2 Tactical in Scottsdale and spotted the Springfield XD in 10mm. That went home with me. I do like the 10mm cartridge.

For now, I'll continue to keep my Delta Elite in my Galco Miami Classic rig.


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Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “My Philosophy on the 10mm Ronin” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/my-philosophy-on-the-10mm-ronin/.

I've had my eye on the Ronin in .45 ACP for some time - I guess I need to, um, "pull the trigger" and get one before they get discontinued! A couple of thoughts on the article:
1. My experience with fiber optic front sights is that they are useless in low light. Maybe the author has better eyesight than me, but all my pistols get tritium (if they don't come with night sights) ASAP.
2. Kudos to the author for IWB'ing this beast. I'm still working on being able to carry my XD Mod.2 subcompact under a t-shirt without excessive printing. When I first started carrying, I thought everyone would know. Turns out people like us are likely the only ones who will notice - assuming we're keeping up with what's going on around us. But still, a full size 1911 IWB? - not sure I'm ready to graduate to that level just yet.
All that said, nothing here is dissuading me from my quest to own a Ronin of my very own - even if it's the "underpowered" .45 ACP version :cool:;)
I have a Ronin in 9mm and a Range Officer in 45acp. I really like shooting both of these pistols. I carry mine in a shoulder rig. It bothers my back to much to carry that weapon on my hip. Both of my older grand kids have shot these pistols and have actually done better hitting the target with the 45.


Great article on the Ronin 10MM. I have the 1911 in .45 ACP & enjoy it tremendousely. I've thought of going up to the 10mm but in my travels that should be sufficient.
My concern comes with having enough oomf for the 4 legged not two legged creightons.
Would like to here some opinions on how well the .45 ACP would do with 4 legged problems here in the States. Tom:)


Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “My Philosophy on the 10mm Ronin” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/my-philosophy-on-the-10mm-ronin/.

I've had my Ronin 10mm just over six months now. It took a while to find one, but it is now my favorite 10. I also own a Ronin 45 and it is second only to my Kimber CDP 45. What's changes of getting SA to make a 10 or a 45 compact with a three inch barrel?
I have had the opportunity and range time with a Ronin 10mm and it’s performance was very acceptable. If I could find one to buy I would! Nearly impossible to find.
I started carrying a 10mm some years ago with the . Then found the Delta Elite and it became my EDC. I waited for Springfield to come out with the XDm and the 5.25 has been with me since I got it just a couple weeks after it was released. Not a Glock fan for ergonomic considerations that they have never addressed and think the XD series is a better performer anyways.
I also on occasion carry a the RIA 1911 in 10mm as a backup or primary depending on circumstances and requirments of the field. The RIA 10, once one replaces the mags with Wilson Combat Magazines, is another very serviceable 1911.
I will continue to look for a Ronin and will eventually find one …. And get it.