New EDC followed me home today……

I went to LGS today to find a new gun. Wanted a 45acp in a polymer gun. No Springfields displayed, no Smith and Wessons displayed. I am not interested in Sigs. Only Glocks but didn't have any blue label. Came home empty handed. Will probably look online and see if I can find something.
When I got mine there were 2 models to pick from, the one I got with the stainless slide or the black OSP model, which I figured the stainless would hold up better and since I don’t use a red dot, I passed on that one
When I found mine, they only had the OSP ready model. I’m not a fan of OSP for an EDC defense pistol. I much prefer a good set of sights. Equipped with the 8-round magazine, this has to be my favorite EDC yet. This coming from a guy who’s owned a P365, Shield Plus, Glock 43x, Ruger LC9s.

The Shield was the best shooting of the bunch, but the XDS mod 2 just fits my hand as if it were tailor made for me. For ultra concealment, I use the LC9s. The others I have since sold.
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The XDS Mod.2 is one of my favorites. I found the 7-round mag to be a bit small for me, but the 9-round mag was too large to easily conceal. The 8-round mag that Springfield sells on their website is the perfect size to provide a full grip without being difficult to conceal. If Springfield still offers discounts on mags for 90 days after you register your warranty, I highly recommend picking up a few of the 8-round mags. Enjoy your new gun.
Totaly agree whith you on this. The 8 round mag is "just right" XDS mod2 is a great gun.
My "old" EDC was an XDmod2. My new EDC(for the last 2 years) is an EMP4CC
XDmod 2 SC.jpg