NRA Board Fails to Take Corrective Action


IMHO Shannon Watts will be giggling with glee if she reads this discussion. In today's world the pro-gun, pro-2A movement is the sum of all of its parts, and gun owners can't afford for any part to cease to function. Most of the negative stuff we read about the NRA is generated by the likes of the New York Times. The anti-gun crowd have planted the seed of mistrust in the minds of gun owners. They have muddied the water to the point it's hard to really comprehend what the truth really is. The NRA is the biggest target and as we all know the biggest target is always the easiest to hit. Any pro-gun organization can fall victim to their Big Lie campaigns. Liberal run media putting out facts about the NRA is kind of like having a fox tell you how bad chicken tastes. I would like to see the NRA get their house in order, but until then I'll buy the magazine and that's all the money the NRA will get from me until the dust settles and objectivity rules.


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This entire ongoing fiasco makes me sick. The hubris and malfeasance involved are disgusting. I've been watching it unfold since Oliver North's unexpected departure, which shocked me into taking a hard look at the NRA.

I supported them with annual membership dues until this year, and let it lapse. I joined the GOA 2 years ago, and will continue supporting them and other 2A foundations (there are several you can setup at smile.amazon.com), and pray for some way back to decency and normalcy for the NRA. If they ever get rid of WLP I'll rejoin.