OMG new Mel Brooks????


Clever title.
Ensures that those that never seen Part 1 (like me) will have to subscribe ($) to some streaming service to see where it left off and picks up again…right?
Eight episodes so its a 1 hr weekly series. There have been plenty of these adult comedies that came out lasting a season or two, canceled for content offensiveness or just short-run series.

HOTW2 looks like an old time tested, simple and effective laugh getter, adding current vernacular to demonstrate old time randy antics to make it relevant to the current generation. Ho-hum.
And again, it will require the petty onscreen disclaimers…ho-hum, yawn.

Also cleaver and wise for HOTW2 to be sure it doesn’t get cancelled early was the use of some appropriate old standbys as top billing, that might stave off the insensitive viewers, reviewers and sponsors but this comes down to the amount of revenue it will be generating and not how much the show will tickle the funny bone.