One of my favorite places


One of my fav places on a cold snowy day is our screened in room with the storm inserts in place and the heaters going. We call it the snow globe and it's a pretty view just for relaxing and watching the wildlife with a nice cup of cocoa after blowing and shoveling. Retirement ain't half bad, sure do not miss having to drive in this stuff all day.

Here’s an interesting contrast to all that snow. This was taken last week (N Texas) after raining all night. It was about 8am and the sun was out, it was very warm and there was steam coming off of the top of my fence. We do a lot of bird watching too.
Always enjoyed looking out your snow globe sld so peaceful this is our little backyard get a way pretty private back here
This is my back yard. Literally my property ends at the river. And yes that is a local nesting pair of bald eagles. We have had a pair of bald eagles here as long as I can remember. I do not know if those are the same two that were here when I bought the place, but we have always had them.