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Recently a member was contacted by personal email about said member's content here on the forum. While an investigation was done and no breach was made, this brings to light a very important issue. All personal information such as your name, address (work & home), phone number (work, home, & cell), emails, etc. must be protected. The Armory Life strongly encourages all members not to give out this type of information publicly on our forum, in private chat, or offline to anyone you don't personally know and trust. The details of the original incident are private. Discussion of the original event on the forum will result in disciplinary action. Members are strongly encouraged to reach out to a staff member or moderator if you are contacted by any means listed above, unless it has been discussed prior with a staff member and you are expecting that contact. We take the security of your personal information seriously here on the forum, and we ask you do the same as well.

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How do I turn off email when someone responds to a post? I have unchecked all email responses I can find.