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I've used the Adco super thumb for 20+ years. It works but if you're going to shoot a lot in a trip you want something better. After buying the Sig P365 and P365XL guns and mags, I REALLY wanted something better due to how stiff the springs are.

This is what I've bought and used recently. I only have Glock and Sig mags in centerfire calibers so am unable to comment on any other brands.

Adco super thumb:


These are inexpensive and lifetime guaranteed. They replaced last christmas one for me that I bought maybe in 1997 or so. They work, are much better than nothing but do take some work and aren't super speedy. Very small so it's easy to have 1 or more in a range bag. I use one on 9mm and 45ACP double stack mags.

ETS Cam Loader, pistol:


Mine is for 9mm/40S&W.

This allows you to scoop up -or load into the rail by hand- up to 10 rounds at a time and shove them all into a mag in a single move.

It works great with our Glock mags. While it can be made to work with Sig P365 mags, alignment is a hassle and I don't recommend it for these mags.

UPLULA loader:


Universal, might work on a 25ACP, dunno. Will work with 380 and up, I use it with Glock 9mm and 45ACP double stack mags as well as Sig P365 9mm mags. Works great. Take a bit of using to get the hang of, a hand-eye coordination thing. Fairly quick but not a speed king.

And last the Caldwell Mag Charger:


This has 2 rotating pieces used to adjust for the width of the magazine. I read reviews that said it works with the Sig P365 9mm mags. Caldwell had a 20% off code after the shot show. It was marked down and with the discount came to $23.99 with free shipping. Came in today so I tried it on the 365 mags.

Works great. I found that setting one side to 5 and the other to 3 gave a width that fit the mags. To use it you loosen the knob on the bottom, set the width and insert the mag with the front up. Tighten the knob to hold the mag in place while loading.

Push a round into the opening in the middle, squeeze the handle until it clicks, release. Repeat until the mag is full, loosen the knob & remove the mag.

Super easy & pretty quick. Less physical effort to get a round into the mag of any of the others. We have several of the 365 mags. 3 15 round, 2 12 round and 2 10 round. The springs on all are pretty strong, our glock mags are easy peasy loading by hand in comparison. This charger had no problems handling them, last round as easy as the first.

Glock model 30 mags, 45ACP double stack, are a snug fit. Set each side to 6 and it will fit though. Once in it loaded rounds fine though it took a bit more force to squeeze the handle. Not bad, just a bit more than the Sig mags.
I have an ETS loader but the thing is real finicky to use. I also have a uplula in my range bag but I mostly find myself just going the old fashioned route and pressing the ammo into the mag with my thumb.
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This is an ETS Universal loader for AR15 mags:


It will load 223/556 and 762x39. there are 2 sets of slots in the feed rail. The larger one fits 6.5 Grendel case but it holds the rounds too far forward and doesn't load them.

It doesn't attach to the mag. You load rounds in the rail, either manually or scoop them up in rows from an ammo box. It holds up to 10 rounds and loads them into the mag so easy it's unreal.