Pistol Pointers from 1956


Fundamentals of pistol shooting.

Secrets of success

There are many things that contribute to pistol shooting success and each helps in some measure—without them you won’t be a champ. But there are a couple of secrets that are essential to success—without them you’ll be a chump.

Sight alignment.
Sight alignment merely means the line-up of the front and rear sights—and let’s not worry much about the bullseye yet. If you hold the pistol at arm’s length, you will find that the front sight waves around wildly, the rear sight waves around differently, and neither has any apparent intention of sticking in the vicinity of the bull.
Your intense concentration should be keeping the two sights lined up.
As a secondary matter, you want to have those sights snuggled up against the bottom of the bull as much as possible.

Trigger squeeze.
Perhaps ‘trigger squeeze’ isn’t the right term; maybe ‘trigger control’, ‘trigger pulling’, or some other term is better.
But no matter what you call it, you want to apply pressure to the trigger so that when the hammer is released you don’t move the gun.