Post your Saturday night jams ... or your fav music ...

I’m not much for music, but some of the best I heard and found using Sound-hound app were the obscure Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021) bumper rotation songs he would play behind the EIB golden microphone.…
- My City Was Gone, The Pretenders*
- Prisencolinensinanciusol, Adrian Celentano
- Times are Getting Hard, Henry Gray
- and his Manhattan Steamroller collection at Christmas

* Rush explained on-air once that during the time liberals were cancelling their songs use by conservatives, Pretenders singer Chrisside Hynde didn’t object and allowed him to use it, and actually applauded President Trump and Rush when he was awarded The Medal of Freedom, citing her late father was a big Rush fan always loved listening and as U.S.Marine serving in the Battle of Guadalcanal, would have enjoyed the DJT presidency too.

One for the Sig guys on here, you know who I mean……..😬😬😬😬
CA Prop 65

WARNING: Listening to this music will expose you to LED, a known to the State of California to cause hearing defects or reproductive harm/consequences.

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