Primary Arms SLx 5x MicroPrism Review

I am in all likelihood going to buy the 1X Cyclops to roll with my PA 3x magnifier. Kinda hoping they put it on sale.
I’m a big fan of the SLX1 - I have 3 - and also have the 3X magnifier. This 5X prism looks a lot less cumbersome than my Sig Bravo 5 which weighs about the same as a 67 Volkswagen Beetle. I may have to look into it. It would be nice if it came with a green reticle.
How do you like the magnifier? Been toying with the idea to go with the new Green SLX1 I picked up last week.
It’s really good. Marries up nicely with the SLX1 and it’s very compact. I think the Holosun HM3X might be a bit better but it’s pretty large and takes up a lot of space on the top rail.